Innovation accelerator

Toulouse Tech Transfer: the right partner for companies wishing to work with French public researchers.

Accelerated technology transfer and control risks

Toulouse Tech Transfer helps companies find cutting-edge technologies that have been developed in public research laboratories.

We aim to boost technology transfer, by bringing the most promising results up to a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) so that they can be incorporated in industrial development processes.

Boosting of innovation potential and companies’ competitiveness

TTT offers a single point of entry for matching laboratories and their research teams’ work with companies’ needs.

If the technological solution needs more development (specific tests, scaling-up, etc.), TTT can invest its own funds in an accelerator program to bridge the technological gap.

Toulouse Tech Transfer also manages technology platforms to offer private companies the use of advanced equipment.


Licensing opportunities

Toulouse Tech Transfer is in charge of managing the IP assets (filing applications for patents, protecting know-how, etc.) of laboratories. Technologies can be transferred to private companies through licensing agreements.
Feel free to browse our available technologies.

Advantages for companies:

  • Single point of contact
  • Responsiveness
  • Speeding-up of innovation programs
  • Reducing lead times
  • Reduction of Technological, legal and commercial risks
  • Optimized ROI (return on investment)