Innovation partner

Toulouse Tech Transfer: the right partner for researchers wishing to take part to the technology transfer process.

Support for innovation

TTT provides ongoing professional support to research teams to help them advance their work and transfer technologies to private companies.
TTT and laboratories work closely together during different stages of the technology transfer process to prove the concept, protect intellectual property rights and to negotiate license agreements…
This involves:

  • Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Elaborating the best scenario for penetrating the market and commercializing the technologies
  • Running accelerator programs
  • Creating start-ups

TTT has access to over 4,500 researchers based in more than 115 laboratories.


Our commitment

TTT provides support to researchers at each step of the technology transfer process

  • It organizes workshops to raise awareness of the technology transfer process
  • It identifies cutting-edge innovations, working closely with research teams to identify promising results and potential partnerships with industrials
  • It protects intellectual property: TTT ensures, through an IP strategy, that the ownership of the results are protected and managed
  • It runs technology accelerator programs: TTT invests in accelator programs in order to bridge the technological gap between the research and the market
  • It catalyzes start-ups: TTT invests in breakthrough innovations by creating start-ups

Advantages for the researcher

  • A single point of contact based on the university campus
  • It simplifies the technology transfer process
  • It creates economic value
  • It builds industrial partnerships
  • It promotes the expertise of laboratory teams
  • It reinforces reasearch through licensing fees