Microwave miniaturized reactor


Nowadays, in many cases, the contribution of microwaves to chemistry is well known, especially in batch mode. The main advantages are the heating of the core volume, the increase in chemical reaction rate and selectivity. However, this type of heating is limited to chemical systems whose dielectric properties are compatible for good interaction with waves. Combining continuous miniaturized reactor, microwave heating and heating properties of the reactor material, could open up new possibilities in carrying out chemical reaction. The ceramic reactor allows a fast thermal dynamics thanks to the interaction of the microwaves with the material itself allowing a very fast heating and high temperatures of any chemical medium, even microwave transparent. Our solution: the reactor eliminates the need for wave-matter coupling, which sometimes hinders the development of microwave chemistry, as each chemical system has its own dielectric properties.


  • Chemical reactions at high temperature, under pressure
  • Corrosive chemical reaction