Microsupercapacitors & Microbatteries based on 3D architecture


Microsupercapacitors & Microbatteries are extensively utilized as high energy density storage options devices for on-chip microelectronic systems. Such micro domain applications require high surface area within limited volume to maximize energy storage in compact space. 3D structures coated with active materials are thus extensively sought after for such applications. However, current coating techniques either fail to have conformal coating of 3D microstructures or require elaborate infrastructure (like ALD, CVD, etc.) under harsh conditions (high vacuum and temperature > 2000 C) with long preparation times. Our solution: The proposed technology aims to overcome these issues with ambient condition formation of 3D microstructures and conformal coating of supercapacitive active & battery materials through a facile optimized electrodeposition process.


  • Microenergy storage with high power/energy requirements
  • For Li/Na air battery electrodes
  • Electrodes for fuel cells
  • Li ion microbatteries