New Design of Intrusion Prevention System for aerial fleets


Aircrafts as well as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are more and more organized as networks. Data exchange is becoming increasingly important with the need to perform complex functions: Traffic Management or Fleet Management (such as swarm applications). Maintaining the integrity of the aerial data network has become more and more crucial.[marge] Wireless networks which topology can evolve randomly introduc[ing] additional security risks. To avoid undesirable consequences, it is necessary implement a security strategy. The technology presented herein is a new design of intrusion detection and prevention system which is efficient against various security threats including unknown types of attacks.
Our solution is a methodology for detecting and preventing intrusions which can operate in real complex environments (such as air transport or UAV fleets).


  • Air Traffic Management (ATM) / ADS-C
  • UAV Traffic Management (UTM)
  • Drones/Robots Swarm
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • IoT and Industry 4.0