Code Injection Detector

Code injection remains one of the top vulnerabilities in computer
programs, but conventional mitigations (static analysis, fuzzing,
machine learning) rely mostly on known software flaws or empirical
analysis. A great deal of possible injections remains undetected and
prime targets for attackers.

A team of researchers have developed a formal verification
approach that can check and list all unsafe functions/methods in a
source code.

“QasTor” : An anonymous and decentralized network, optimized for streaming

Tor is the most famous network available for anonymous browsing.
But it suffers many limitations that prevents it being widely used :
latency, ping and lack of resiliency. It also not adapted for one-tomany communications.

QasTor allows anonymous communication with a server/a website.
It uses ABE, a flexible encryption system that allows one-to-many
communication, marking it particularly applicable to streaming
applications (unlike Tor from which it is inspired).